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Cableready launches “Independent Producers Initiative” Blog

Cableready launches “Independent Producers Initiative” Blog

Program distribution and development company CABLEready has launched the Independent Producers Initiative blog designed to serve as a central gathering point for indies to band together and have their voices heard by the larger TV programming community.

The blog includes summaries and links to articles of interest to independent producers, and allows readers to add their own comments, creating an ongoing dialogue for the independent community.

“In the face of ever-increasing media consolidation, FCC Commissioner Michael Copps recently urged independent producers to band together and have their voices heard,” explained Gary Lico, president and CEO of CABLEready. “The Independent Producers Initiative blog has been created in response to the Commissioner’s request, and is dedicated to championing the cause of the independent producer. Network buyers tell us all the time that they need strong ideas coming from strong indies. So CABLEready has formed a central “home” for everyone to gather in a cyber sense.”

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