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Calacanis: “I’ve made major errors”

Calacanis: “I’ve made major errors”

Jason McCabe Calacanis has posted that he has made a number of major errors in his first year developing Weblogsinc, that includes advice for any would-be blog mogul:

1. One domain name (i.e. with sub-domain names (i.e. is better then multiple unique domain names (like,, or WRONG! Stand-alone domains do better.

2.One common design for all blogs is more appealing to advertisers and users because it builds trust and familiarity. WRONG! People love a unique look and feel above the benefits of a standard design.

Its good advice and Jason has learnt the hard way, but as he says in the post: “the team learned hundreds of details of WHY those decisions were wrong and why other ideas were better.”

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The open, transparent dialogue he continues to have with other bloggers about the internal workings of the company, as well as the general observations he makes, continue to be a shining light of customer relationship building on the Blogosphere.

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