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Canadian blogging network making waves

Canadian blogging network making waves

DailyPixel Inc. – Canada’s first blog network launched 6 weeks ago with its first blog title, a news blog that is said to have a “renegade style and a unique mixture of content.”

The founder of Dailypixel, James Cogan, says the early success of speaks directly to a growing appetite in Canada for alternative sources of information and a fresh perspective on news gathering. “We’ve been read by tens of thousands of Canadians in our opening weeks and I think with each passing day Canadians are becoming more aware of blogs and are embracing the independent spirit of the format.”

Dailypixel recently added a second blog to the network,, a blog about weddings and honeymoons, and according to Cogan there is a lot more to come. “We have more than 20 blog concepts ready to go and are now actively seeking passionate voices to give life to them.”

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