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China Cracks Down on Bloggers (In a Different Way This Time)

China Cracks Down on Bloggers (In a Different Way This Time)

China threatens to lift the veil of anonymity that many bloggers enjoy, with something called the Blog Real Name System. With almost 18 million bloggers, one wonders how they will accomplish this feat. According to the official Xinhua News:

An official with the ISC (Internet Society of China) confirmed on Thursday that the society is working on a real name system for Chinese bloggers, which attested to netizens’ longtime guess about it and triggered a hot controversy.

Huang said some reports on the Internet about the implementation of the real name system are not “very accurate.”

The ISC, affiliated to the Ministry of Information Industry, was entrusted by the ministry to form a blog research panel to provide solutions for the development of China’s blog industry.

“We suggest, in a recent report submitted to the ministry, that a real name system should be implemented in China’s blog industry,” Huang said.

Apparently bloggers can use ‘pseudonyms’, but they still have to register their names with the ISC if China wants to “standardize and develop its blog industry, Huang Chengqing, ISC secretary general, told Xinhua on Sunday”.

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Clearly China has a different opinion of what blogging means than … well, the rest of the world.

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