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CMS Consultants Expands Customer Communications Pathways

CMS Consultants Expands Customer Communications Pathways

CMS Consultants, Inc., have launched CMS Consultants Buzz, a corporate blog, which it has billed as “opening a new communication pathway to customers”. The blog provides customers with a real-time communication conduit on issues of interest to the software developer’€™s customers and other readers interested in the shipping management industry.

“CMS is growing and staying in close communication with our customers is important to us and to them,” said Kathy Herrmann, director of marketing and channel sales. “Through the CMS Consultants Buzz we’ll share interactive discussions with customers about an array of topics spanning our company, products, partners, industry, and also miscellaneous topics of general technical interest. The blog is open to the public, though, so anyone can use the CMS Consultants Buzz to keep up with the industry.”

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