CrispAds Launches New Graphical Advertising Network for Blogs

Text based advertising network for blogs, CrispAds, has announced the launch of a new banner network that serves industry standard graphical banner ads in addition to its text advertisements. Under the new program, blog authors can name their price per month for placement of banners ads for skyscraper, wide-skyscraper, full banner, and leaderboard ad sizes. CrispAds maximizes blogger revenues by offering a unique Auto-Switch-Over facility which automatically displays text ads when a blogger’€™s graphical ad space is available.

‘€œBy offering text cost-per-click, graphical banner ads, and Auto-Switch-Over between the two ad types, CrispAds is in a leading position within the blog advertising market.’€? said Cadman Chui, Co-Founder of ‘€œUnlike other ad systems, our blog advertising network ensures that blog ad space is always earning cash , by automatically placing category-based text ads when graphical ad space is available.’€?

‘€œWe are extremely excited about this new graphical banner program.’€? said Hans Chung, Co-founder of CrispAds. ‘€œIt is what larger advertisers such as agencies have been repeatedly asking of us, and also allows bloggers a new way to earn money on their valuable blog content in addition to our cost-per-click text ads. We look forward to providing even more services in the near future to address this growing market.’€?

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