CTIA Wireless Internet Caucus Launches WIC Weblog

The CTIA Wireless Internet Caucus (WIC) today launched the “WIC Weblog“, the first permanent weblog produced by CTIA, the International Association for the Wireless Industry. The blog provides an ongoing source of news about the WIC and CTIA wireless data activities as well as news and analysis about wireless data products, services and technologies in the United States and abroad.

The WIC Weblog serves as a way to spark online “conversations” among WIC staff, CTIA members, wireless industry participants and the public. “We launched the weblog not just because it’s a great way for us to quickly provide information about wireless data but also because we want to open a two-way communications channel with our wireless data community,” said Mark Desautels, Vice President of Wireless Internet development at CTIA and the head of the WIC.

“We welcome feedback and encourage readers to post comments in the WIC Weblog,” he said. “The Weblog is the latest method we are launching to provide wireless data information and to stay in touch with the community of users. Stay tuned for an announcement about another WIC publication.”

In addition, the WIC Weblog will help to promote WIC members’ contributions to developing and improving wireless data products and services. The Weblog’s sidebars include information about the WIC’s vision, its Action Teams, WIC and CTIA events, WIC wireless data resources and contact information.

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Alan A. Reiter, president of the consulting firm of Wireless Internet & Mobile Computing, is editor of the WIC Weblog. Reiter has been analyzing wireless for 26 years. His first wireless data weblog was named one of the top five technology weblogs by “Fortune” magazine in 2003.

Reiter also manages one of the top weblogs for information about wireless imaging, “Reiter’s Camera Phone Report.”

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