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CyberAlert Launches Blog Monitoring Service

CyberAlert Launches Blog Monitoring Service

CyberAlert Inc., a well known United States media monitoring company has announced the launch of BlogSquirrel, a new service that enables businesses to monitor efficiently the contents of over 100,000 blogs. Subscribers to the new blog tracking service automatically receive daily (or more frequent) e-mail alerts on new blog postings that contain the client’s specified keywords and phrases.

“BlogSquirrel is today’s most comprehensive, practical and cost-efficient way to monitor and ‘clip’ blogs, automatically capturing vital information and viewpoints that help you make timely decisions and manage effectively,” stated William J. Comcowich, President and CEO of CyberAlert. The service is designed for use by businesses, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations to monitor blogs for new articles and postings that mention company or organization names, brands, people, competitors or issues.

By searching and reporting on a comprehensive cross-section of blogs, BlogSquirrel is said to offer an effective “early warning system” to identify problems and issues that may threaten corporate or brand reputation, or that present new opportunities for product development or business growth.

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