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Cymfony Launches Digital Consumer Insight to Analyze Blogs

Cymfony Launches Digital Consumer Insight to Analyze Blogs

Cymfony, Inc., today announced the launch of “Digital Consumer Insight”. Cymfony, a company specializing in automated media measurement, market research and business intelligence has developed Digital Consumer Insight to assist companies understand digital influencers.

Cymfony’s latest solution in the Dashboard series helps marketing, branding, research, marketing communications and competitive intelligence professionals analyze consumer discussions, trends and sentiment expressed in blogs, message boards, customer feedback sites, consumer emails, usenet groups and other consumer content to gain immediate market intelligence.

Digital Consumer Insight analyzes over four million postings per day delivering valuable insight about what potential and existing customers, competitors and employees are discussing that may have significant effect on a company’s products, reputation, people and sales. This product brings advanced capabilities for prioritizing, organizing and analyzing multiple types of spontaneous and unsolicited consumer commentary. Cymfony helps companies proactively evaluate this information to gain real-time market intelligence and to measure how their company is perceived in the blogosphere.

“Increasingly companies are finding that blogs and other forms of consumer-generated online communications can have significant and far reaching impact on their sales and corporate brands,” said Cymfony CEO Andrew Bernstein. “It is not an either/or choice. Companies must monitor and analyze consumer-generated media alongside traditional media whether positive or negative. It’s about listening to consumers who are communicating online and being better able to enter into a conversation with them. Cymfony is helping companies understand what is important to bloggers, who represent some of the most intelligent, passionate and influential consumers.”

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“Branded media will never go away, but consumer-generated media is here to stay,” said Sam Whitmore, media analysis expert, blogger and editor of Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey, based in Beverly, Mass. “Cymfony is smart to give its customers equal access to what all of us out there are saying, not just the anointed few in the press.”

“Our clients are increasingly looking to the online influencers as a first line of contact with consumers,” said Ian Kirk, partner with 1827 Consulting. “The ability to quickly, easily and accurately monitor attitudes and opinions provided by Digital Consumer Insight is critical information when evaluating a company’s reputation in the market.”

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