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Denton labels Business 2.0 foolish, narcissistic

Denton labels Business 2.0 foolish, narcissistic

Gawker Media uber-blogger Nick Denton has responded to a Business 2.0 report that Gawker sites were making $6,000 per site per month as foolish: “Business 2.0’s financial guesswork is again heroic to the point of foolishness”.
In a stylish response Nick states: “For a business piece written by a gossip columnist, it’s not as absurd as it could have been. Greg Lindsay, the writer, makes me out to be more cunning than I am — but that’s kind of flattering.”
The reasoning for the article and an obsession with blogging “The media is simply narcissistic”. The response is definitely worth a full read, as Nick reflects on has the media is reporting on the blogosphere in a thoughtful and witty manner.

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