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Dooce goes corporate

Dooce goes corporate

In her always entertaining style, A-lister Dooce has gone corporate, forming Armstrong Media, LLC.

We met with our lawyer for several reasons, disposal of dead bodies one among many. If there’€™s one thing we’€™ve learned throughout this process it’€™s that things involving the legal system take time, are still taking time. There are still things I can’€™t talk about yet, but I can point out that Jon and I have formed a company, Armstrong Media, LLC, which is now featured along with the copyright notice at the bottom of this page. We did this for complicated reasons, but the only one that made any sense to me was that forming this company would prevent the IRS from breaking into our house and forcibly removing limbs of my body.

By doing this we can have taxes and Social Security and Medicare taken out on a regular basis instead of at one time in one very hurtful and potentially deadly lump sum. This is a mechanism to counteract our fondness for procrastination which reared its ugly head yesterday as we sat in our accountant’€™s office going over last year’€™s income and the taxes now due. You mean I owe how much? And I have how long until I have to pay it? When they come to cut off my leg please tell them to wrap the wound in a bandage because our insurance won’€™t cover that type of injury. Or any injury whatsoever.

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