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Elliott Back profiles Top 10 Best Designed Blogs

Elliott Back profiles Top 10 Best Designed Blogs

In the pursuit of beauty in blogs, Elliott Back profiles what he says are the Top 10 Best Designed Blogs:

When you’€™re looking for the next leader in web 2.0 blog design, Hicks starts to look a little too plain, Santa Maria wicked-worn out, and Zeldman like something you might print out, not read online. Where are the leaders of modern blog design?

The particular platform (WP, Moveable Type, Typepad, Handcoded) doesn’€™t matter. It’€™s what you do with it that counts. This isn’€™t about prettiest blog, or the best written blog. This is a list of the most groundbreaking, cutting edge blogs out there. You see these blogs and cry, because they’€™re creatures of fierce untameable beauty.

It’s hard to argue with some of his choices, Ordered List has long been one of my favorites, and his WP Plugins are at home in many of our blogs at BlogMedia. The Big Noob, while perhaps overusing blue, has a unique & clean look & feel. Bryan Veluso’s Avalonstar has always been a thing of beauty.

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If you’re looking for great design, there’s usually not much need to look further than the members of 9rules. I haven’t seen an ugly blog over there yet.

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