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Erosion Media Launches Gay Political Blog

Erosion Media Launches Gay Political Blog

Erosion Media has announced the launch of their new blog, The Big Gay Picture, targeted at Gay Politics.

‘€œMost blogs are all over the place,’€? says author and activist Brent Hartinger, one of The Big Gay Picture’€™s three main writers. ‘€œBut we are a gay political blog. Because we’€™re targeted, we can be comprehensive.’€?

According to Hartinger, the blog will feature interviews with both GLBT leaders and opponents, ongoing commentary, and updates on local and national gay political news.

‘€œWe really are giving the big gay picture!’€? Hartinger says.

Along with Hartinger, the blog will feature daily postings from Sarah Warn, editor of, and novelist and activist Michael Jensen.

€œAny blog is a reflection of the personalities involved in writing it,’€? Warn says. ‘€œAnd by God, we definitely have personality! We can be pointed, funny, impassioned, and sarcastic–sometimes all at the same time.’€?

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Finally, according to Jensen, The Big Gay Picture is also a community forum.

‘€œUnlike most blogs, The Big Gay Picture allows users to prominently post their own commentary and analysis,’€? Jensen says. ‘€œWe’€™ve only just debuted, and things are already quite lively!’€?

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