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Learn From These Extraordinary Kid Bloggers

Learn From These Extraordinary Kid Bloggers

We all know the line that says “Kids say the darndest things”, right? A lot of times, especially now, extraordinary kid bloggers have the most profound content on the internet. Some kids start blogging as an English course requirement in school and simply fell in love with blogging. Others, like Greta Thunberg, want their advocacies and voices heard. Nonetheless, reading blogs written by children is an exciting experience.

If you have kids that are interested to blog, or you are a young blogger who wants to be inspired, here extraordinary kid bloggers we can all learn from:

Coco, 10, Fashion, Instagram (@coco_pinkprincess)

Can you imagine a 10-year-old luxury name brands like Moncler, Gucci, MCM, and others? Coco is one of the fiercest fashion “kidfluencers” on the planet. You can never think of any kid so fabulous as her, it’s so adorable! She has taken Instagram gaming to the next level donning fabulous luxury brands in every photo. Any luxury fashion you can only imagine buying, she has already worn it on her Instagram. Is she the next Anna Wintour? Maybe!

Any blogger will learn a thing or two from our dear Coco. The way she poses for her photos – professional! It’s as if the photos were taken from a fashion magazine. And let us talk about the background selection, too. Besides the clothes, there is texture, color, and quirkiness in the backgrounds.

If we want to be in the fashion blogging industry, we don’t really have to wear all luxury. But, like Coo, let go, be creative, and dress up.

Currently, she has more than 600k followers. On her Instagram bio, it is clearly stated that her Instagram page is run by her family.

Image Source: Screen Capture Coco’s Instagram Page

Ryan, 8, Kid Content, YouTube (@Ryan’sWorld)

No matter how hard we try, we cannot shield away our children from the influence of social media and the internet. This is why parents are thankful for the presence of kid-friendly content that is educational and safe for children’s entertainment. This is the kind of content Ryan, aged 8, has on his YouTube channel. If you are also a young blogger, you can also ask your parents to create content of the same themes as his.

He and his parents perform simple, yet cool, science experiments for their followers. There are also animated episodes that are entertaining for the audience. Toy unboxings and challenges are highly watched as well. There is even a series created by his mom and dad. All is fun and play in Ryan’s World making him totally relatable to his audience.

What we can learn from Ryan’s World is that creating content online is a family affair. The teamwork among Ryan, his mom, and his dad is what makes the content worthwhile and safe to watch. Currently, he has 36M subscribers on YouTube, one of the highest following for kid content on the platform.

Ethan, 15, Gaming, YouTube (@EthanGamer)

Imagine being 15 and have billions of views on your account? This young lad did just that. He is well-known for streaming his Roblox gaming. He has unboxings, challenges, and even vlogs. Through the years that he (and originally his parents) ran his YouTube channel, he has been invited to many awards shows including the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards.

If there is anything we can learn from Ethan, it is to create content for our own enjoyment. When his YouTube video was affected by the COPPA Rules in 2020, he continued to create content because he enjoys it.

He currently has around 3 Million subscribers and almost three billion views.

Sam, Children’s Literature, WordPress, (ChildtasticBooks.Wordpress)

Nowadays, we rarely see kids with written blogs. Most of the younger bloggers today prefer social media as their platform. This is understandable, a lot of their target audiences are scrolling through these platforms more. It is absolutely refreshing to see a website created by a kid and her mom.

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Sam and her mom read and review children’s books for fun. They write out their insights on their website to share with their audience. You could see how eloquent young Sam is in writing their book reviews. If you are thinking of creating your own website or blog, Childtastic books prove that it is possible.

Alyssa, 20, Educational, Tiktok, (@nasablueberry1)

Yeah, 20 is not really a kid anymore. But Alyssa Carson’s TikTok page shows how your love and passion for something could lead to creating good content. She has a lot of fun trivia about outer space and science that her content is just really interesting to watch.

If you are a young blogger who is so, very passionate about something, you can use social media platforms to share it. People with the same passion would surely take notice. And, those who like to learn new things would also surely take notice. Just look at Alyssa and her 117.3K followers on TikTok.

A little background on blogs by children authors

We all have the same question – is it legal for children to post content and create blogs online? The simple answer is, yes but there is a minimum age. On average, the most acceptable age for bloggers to control their own blogs would be 13. Other than that, parental consent (and control) is a requirement. Especially now that children may be exposed to a nasty and dangerous environment online, both parental presence and management really are essential for blogging success. Parents must be present to monitor posts, following, and comments.

So, if you are a young blogger under the age of 13, you might want your mom and dad to be 100% in support of you. Or, if you are a parent of a young blogger, be sure to provide at least a bubble of protection for your children.

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