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FeedShot launches blog search submission service

FeedShot launches blog search submission service

FeedShot has released a beta version of its blog search submission service, currently submitting RSS and Atom feeds to 19 search engines and aggregators. The service is free and in beta, with plans for a production launch in late October.

“I was tired of telling my friends and colleagues to visit 50 blog search engines in order to submit their feed. I kept waiting for someone to release a submission service, but after searching for a few weeks decided to write my own.” said FeatureCreep, the author of the FeedShot service.

“The response has been overwhelming.” he noted, referencing the more than 25,000 outgoing submissions FeedShot has sent since it opened a week ago. “We’re trying to stay on pace of adding 2-3 new search engines per week, and we’ve received a few addition requests from search engines themselves.”

In addition to increasing the number of sites it supports, FeedShot has thoughts of expanding into the pinging space, and to begin offering some type of premium submission services. When asked about the specifics of those services, FeatureCreep responded “Five days ago I had no idea FeedShot would be such a success. Needless to say, I’m still working on what’s next.”

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