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Feedster Expands into Japan

Feedster Expands into Japan

Feedster has announced that it is expanding into Japan by partnering with Mitsui & Co., Ltd., a diversified and comprehensive trading companies and a Feedster investor.

As part of the Mitsui partnership, Feedster’s syndicated content service will provide Japanese web publishers with web-based tool to help editors tailor aggregated feeds to generate new content and new ad inventory.

‘€œBlogging and feed creation continue to experience explosive growth around the world. In the US alone, our index has exceeded 25 million sources,’€? says Chris Redlitz, president of Feedster. ‘€œBy using Mitsui’s evolving media group, Feedster is entering a very hot market at just the right time with a product mix and a partner that will accelerate our growth in Japan.’€?

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‘€œThrough strong relationships with major US partners like Feedster, Mitsui will establish its market leadership in Japan for a variety of e-marketing services that satisfy e-commerce client needs,’€? says Andrew VanEtten, senior director of Mitsui & Co., (U.S.A.), Inc. Consumer Service Business Dept. ‘€œWe are confident that Feedster and Mitsui will enjoy rapid and great success in Japan.’€?

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