Feedster Provides Online Resource for Job Seekers

Feedster has announced that jobs.feedster.com is operational and ready to deliver search results from its database of constantly updated RSS job feeds.

From its current sources, Feedster will add over 5,000 job postings to the index daily. This number is expected to increase exponentially as several more significant resources add their feeds to the Feedster index and as RSS feeds become an important publishing media for timely and relevant information.

“Our organic growth has accelerated as the rapid adoption of RSS continues to move more mainstream. Feedster now indexes more than 3.5 million RSS feeds and quickly approaching 4 million,” said Scott Rafer, CEO, Feedster. “Out of that index we deliver tens of millions of search queries monthly from our site, through our network of distributed content providers, and to individual users subscribing to Feedster search feeds.”

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