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First Fortune 500 CEO Blogger: Jonathan Schwartz of Sun Microsystems

First Fortune 500 CEO Blogger: Jonathan Schwartz of Sun Microsystems

Debbie Weil, of Business Blog Consulting asks if Sun’s new CEO Jonathan Schwartz will be the first Fortune 500 CEO blogger:

Darn, it doesn’€™t look like it so far. Following yesterday’€™s news that Sun’€™s founding CEO, Scott McNealy, is stepping down – to be replaced by COO Jonathan Schwartz – I skipped over to Jonathan’€™s blog at

As of this morning, the latest entry is a week old, dated April 18, 2006…

But not long later, Jonathan wrote his first entry as CEO:

I remember the first time I met Scott McNealy – I’m sure he doesn’t remember it. It was in the board room in our old headquarters in Palo Alto. I was with one of the folks from the startup I ran, and we were meeting on the advice of a mutual customer. I think it was 1992 or ’93. Before you could actually explain the internet to your parents.

He goes on to tell the story and write briefly about what the future of Sun Microsystems will hold…

Schwartz has a unique opportunity before him both as CEO of Sun Microsystems and as a CEO blogger. For Sun, he is the first new CEO in many years – and he follows in the footsteps of Scott McNealy, an acknowledged industry giant who will continue to exert influence over the industry.

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As a CEO blogger, Schwartz will have a chance to tell an unfiltered story about Sun Microsystems. And make no mistake, choosing how to tell this story will be one of the most important things that he does as CEO. Whether he does that through advertising choices or through his in-house or external marketing firms – or through his own blog – the story the company chooses to tell – and the products that back up that story – will define the future of Sun.. and their ability to succeed in the marketplace..

Or not…

How would you recommend that Schwartz use his blog to tell the story of the new Sun?

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