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FortuneCity Announces Launch of

FortuneCity Announces Launch of Inc. has launched a new blogging service, expanding its range of online web services and providing a companion product to With the launch of the beta version of in February, FortuneCity registered over 35,000 new users to its various online web services during the month.

The Company currently earns revenue from advertising impressions that are prominently displayed on the header of every blog page. FortuneCity is planning to offer paid ad-free subscription services for blogs in Q2 2005 and anticipates that this will ultimately be the principle source of revenue from these services.

Peter Macnee, CEO And President of FortuneCity stated “We are extremely proud of the product offering as we consider that the feature set and functionality is considerably better than the current industry leader. We will continue to acquire users by offering free trial programs with the objective of later upgrading customers to paid subscription services. The launch of our blog product continues to strengthen and diversify our range of personal web services. We added 35,000 new users to our various sites during the last month and we hope to grow this number considerably in the future.”

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We say: them’s fighting words, better that SixApart or Blogger? Time will tell.

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