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Fox and Friendster get bloggy over Stacked

Fox and Friendster get bloggy over Stacked

Friendster has announced it is working in conjunction with FOX to promote its upcoming series, ‘Stacked,’ through the use of Friendster Blogs. More than thirty members of the cast and crew, including ‘Stacked’ star Pamela Anderson, have Friendster profiles and blogs, providing insight and images on the making of the show, and a look at what’s going on behind the scenes.

“FOX’s primary imperative when launching a new series is to make noise that compels viewers to notice both the show and its cast,” said Chris Carlisle, executive vice president, marketing for FOX. “Creating buzz is key to generating interest from our youthful audience”.

“Blogs are today’s hottest form of self-expression and communication,” said Scott Sassa, chief executive officer at Friendster. “We are proud to be breaking ground with FOX and the ‘Stacked’ team as they use blogs to share their personal experience of what it’s like to make a hit comedy.”

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