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Friday Blogs: Minneapolis, MN

Friday Blogs: Minneapolis, MN

This is the first of our new Friday Blogs series that will highlight relatively unknown or interesting blogs from around the blogosphere.

This Friday’s Blogs feature focused on Minneapolis, MN – the hometown of BlogMedia, Inc. and our own network of blogs.

Minneapolis is well-known as a liberal bastion in the upper Midwest. The newspaper, the Star-Tribune is often parodied by the Republications as a tool of the Democrat-Farmer-Labor party (DFL, or Democrats for short) in Minnesota.

Two blogs in the Minneapolis area take a daily aim at the Star Tribune.

The first is The Anti-Strib. This blog generally looks at the daily news coverage in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and attempts to poke holes in it. Today alone there were seven posts on the blog challenging stories in today’s newspaper.

The second is Rambix and the Red Star. This blog attacks the criminal justice coverage of the Star-Tribune head on with insight from police, prosecutors, eyewitnesses, and others in the Minneapolis area. This site has grown quite a reputation for challenging the crime prevention policies of the current mayor of Minneapolis.

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Group blog MNSpeak covers news, arts, politics, and culture in the Twin Cities.

Metroblogging is represented with their Minneapolis site.

And no recap of Minneapolis blogs would be complete without mentioning James Lileks’s Bleats, published Monday through Friday without fail for more years than I can count. Funny too.

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