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You’re Hurting Your Blog: Get Involved in Social Media Before It’s Too Late

You’re Hurting Your Blog: Get Involved in Social Media Before It’s Too Late


Maybe you’ve read an article with this same or a similar title before. You know Twitter and Facebook are important for your brand, yet you just haven’t made yourself sign up for Twitter yet. And your LinkedIn profile is barren, with an incomplete job  history and no portfolio examples. Your blog seems to be doing OK, but you know it could be better.

If this is you– I challenge you to get set-up with social media ASAP. And once you’ve done that, create time in your daily routine for social media. Even 15 minutes per day can help you craft a regular online presence.

You know you should be on social media, but if you are a blogger or representing any of your work online, not having a regular social media presence can hurt not only your blog traffic, but your online persona as well.

Digital Impressions

Think of it this way. You find a blog and like a few of the posts, so you go to find out more about the writer. It turns out they are a professional writer and available for hire to write website content, something you have been looking for.

However, when you go to learn more about them and how involved they are on their industry, it is a barren wasteland. They don’t have a LinkedIn profile and their Twitter account hasn’t been updated in a year.

Why would you hire someone to write content for the web if they aren’t on the web themselves?

Traffic Opportunities

Besides showing potential employers and connections more about you, social media can also be a major traffic driver to your blog, even if your initial network doesn’t consist of thousands of followers. Simply sharing the content with applicable keywords and hashtags (as well as sharing them in the right places, like industry LinkedIn groups), can bring your posts to a larger audience that may not be directly connected to you.

If you have a recipe blog and posted  your latest post for poppyseed cake on Pinterest with #recipe #cake and even #poppyseed as hashtags, users that are searching for those specific terms as well as those who happen to be in the Food section at the time your pin appears could end up going to your site, just because your pin was at the right place at the right time. The same goes for any type of content that you are publishing via social media.

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Even if you think social media isn’t your thing, if you have a blog you care about, then it is important to get involved in online networking. Getting Google+ Authorship setup too can even influence your blog’s search rankings and exposure. This means that not getting involved in social media could eventually hurt your blog.

So take the plunge, start tweeting, and soon you’ll wonder why you never did it in the first place.


photo credit: JefferyTurner via photopin cc

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