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Giving a Rat’s Patootie about Blogging Free Speech

Giving a Rat’s Patootie about Blogging Free Speech

Regardless of your own political leanings, if you’re reading this blog from this site, you probably read blogs, write a blog, or likely support blogging in general. This is a heads up. The BBC News reports on how Amnesty International wants bloggers to write and bring attention to how, in parts of the world where free speech is a luxury, other bloggers have been jailed, tortured or worse for their writings. It looks like they’re particularly interested in an Iranian blogger:

Mr Ballinger said the case of Iranian blogger Kianoosh Sanjari was just one example of the dangers that some online writers can face. Mr Sanjari was arrested in early October following his blogging about conflicts between the Iranian police and the supporters of Shia cleric Ayatollah Boroujerdi.

The call to action coincides with the first big meeting of the Internet Governance Forum, taking place Oct 30 – Nov 2nd in Athens, where Amnesty International plans to lobby its cause for free speech and bloggers.

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