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Google back flips on Adsense

Google back flips on Adsense

The Blog Herald has received an email from Google Adsense today advising that they have revisited our application to join and we are now accepted, in an apparent back flip from our earlier rejection. Whether this is a one-off, or other blogs will now be included by Google is yet to be seen, however their move is welcome following their somewhat ad-hoc (and perhaps discriminatory) approval policy of the past. The question of whether we commit to Google after having had some success with Marketbanker, is another matter to be considered.

Have you been reviewed by Google? Let us know! The email follows:

From: Google AdSense Support [[email protected]] As we grow, we are able to include a wider range of publishers and
content, so we’ve revisited your AdSense application. We’re happy to
inform you that your site, [URL], has been approved to run in our
AdSense program.

We have activated your account and hope that you are still interested
in being a part of AdSense. You are under no obligation to join at this
time, but, we encourage you to try out AdSense and discover its earning
potential and editorial value.

To get started, please follow these steps:
1. Visit and log in to your account
using the email address and password that you submitted with your
2. Review and agree to the AdSense Terms and Conditions
3. Follow the instructions on the ‘Ad layout code’ page to copy-and- paste the appropriate AdSense ad code into your site. (Please remember
that only one banner, skyscraper, leaderboard, or inline rectangle is
allowed per
page.) You’ll begin running AdWords ads almost immediately, and the
most relevant ads will start showing within a few hours.

Additional resources:
– Technical guidelines (includes tips on how to optimize your site for

– Program Policies

– Terms & Conditions

* If you are receiving this email over the weekend of September 27-28,
please wait until Monday, September 29 12:00 PM PST before logging into
your account as our systems will be updating your status over the
weekend. If you are unable to access your account after 12:00 PM PST,
please email our technical support team at [email protected] .

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* After implementing the ad code, if Google has not yet crawled your
site, you may not be able to show relevant ads for a few hours. In the
meantime, you will display public service ads (for which you will not
receive any earnings).

* Website publishers, or a third party enlisted by the publisher, may
not generate fraudulent impressions or clicks (click spamming) on any ad (s). We will constantly monitor all AdSense activity and permanently
disable the account of any publisher violating this
policy. Please review the Google AdSense Terms and Conditions
( for more information.

If you have any questions about your approval, or about Google AdSense,
please don’t hesitate to contact us by replying to this email. If you
have forgotten your password, just click ‘Forgot your password?’ in the
login box to reset your password.

We thank you for your interest in Google AdSense, and we wish you the
best of luck with your site.

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