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Google Blog Search moves in with parents?

Google Blog Search moves in with parents?

Apparently Andy Boyd, living in the UK, saw a Blog Search integration into the traditional Google search, at the bottom. He posted a screenshot over at his blog. This story has been picked up by lots of hotshots on the blogosphere, so if you want more on this, head over to Boyd’€™s blog and follow the trackbacks.

My take? Well, it’€™s always good that there’€™ll be better exposure to the blogosphere, but I’€™m worried about splogs and such ruining it, actually. What if a non-blogosphere savvy user clicks three suggested Blog Search links, and only get rubbish splogs? I’€™m pretty sure that’€™s a reader lost to the blogosphere’€¦ Then again, there are spammy traditional sites getting hits from search engines as well, so perhaps it isn’€™t such a big problem.

It’€™ll be interesting to see if this is a feature that’€™ll roll out sometime soon, or just Google trying some stuff out.

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