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Google goes wiki and Conde Nast gets social

Google goes wiki and Conde Nast gets social

Google buys wiki site JotSpot, was the first piece of news that hit me this morning (yeah, I don’€™t live where you do, mate). The hosted wiki service is a pretty good catch I’€™d reckon, since Google probably will merge its functions with the Docs & Spreadsheets service. They are getting a little closer to a really nice office suite online, and I’€™m thrilled. Gmail and Calendar has been my poison for quite some time, and when on the go I use Docs & Spreadsheets for writing at least. Wiki functionality will perhaps move me into collaborations via Google services, something I haven’€™t done since mailing lists where the new black.

Anyway, not much is known about how much JotSpot went for, but it’€™s clear that Google won’€™t charge for the service in the future. While all paying customers will pay until the end of their billing cycle, that’€™ll be it. New registrations are closed, but when they open up again it will be under the Google account flag. All very natural when looking back at other Google deals, such as Writely for instance.

The JotSpot deal isn’€™t the only one this morning. Magazine publishing house Condé Nast has laid its hands on social networking site Reddit, without a disclosed price and still lacking an official announcement. The four Reddit employers are moving in with Wired Digital. TechCrunch has more on the deal.

So, a wiki for Google and Wired will get social, is that what’€™s happening? I’€™m just wondering when Google will buy Digg.

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And Microsofts’ response? TechCrunch has the lowdown. There’s a battle coming, there truly is.

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