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Google News Refuses Blog

Google News Refuses Blog

Just what is Googles issue with blogs? We’ve received this correspondence from Trudy W. Schuett>
I’ve just been refused listing at Google News due to the nature of my content delivery system. This is totally wrong — many other news outlets use blogs to deliver content, and this should not be a consideration when deciding the viablity of a publication. (See Google’s e-mail below)

The DesertLight Journal is a bona fide news source, recognized as such by the U.S. Library of Congress. It is the only news source with this scope of coverage anywhere in the world, and gathers “hard” news from many locations worldwide.

Have they perhaps confused the technology with the content? This is a common mistake, often made by the general public, but Google should know the difference between a personal journal or diary and a news publication. See their e-mail

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