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Google News takes in more blogs

Google News takes in more blogs

Duncan Riley> If you were thinking that I’m starting sound bitter about being dumped from Google News, you’d be right. I was happy to take the comments about providing non-news on occasion on the chin as part of a reasonable strategy by the Google News team, but when the news results from Google are starting to look more like Blogdex every day, you’ve got to start to wonder what the real reason sites like the Blog Herald, Threadewatch and any number of conservative sites have been blocked or kicked off Google News, particularly given that a number of the sites kicked off or rejected had been critical of, or discussed Google on a regular basis.

More non-news related headlines like this keep appearing from blogs

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On the subject of Tom DeLay
Is opinion valued more than news?

Its nothing personal against the blogs or bloggers with these headlines, but if its ok for you, why isn’t it ok for me or other blogs and bloggers that have been rejected or chucked off Google News?

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Now either Google has lost the plot or its playing favourites with blogs and bloggers, either way the more they pursue their current course of action, the more people will start looking to alternative sources for their news.

PS: If you’ve been rejected or thrown off Google News, I’d like to here from you, particularly if you’ve been critical of Google in the past.

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