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Google testing new ad formats

Google testing new ad formats

Snuck onto the tail of the official email from Google which announced changes to Adsense that included new payment options and Adlinks, was news that Google is also set to experiment with new Ad formats which include a combination of current ads and the new adlinks service.

From Google:
“We’re also beginning tests of a mixed ad unit, to include both Google ads and Ad Links. This is a small-scale test that we’ll be running on less than 2% of all AdSense page views on a random basis, so you may or may not see these combined ad units on your standard ad formats. We’d like to hear your feedback about these ad units, so if you see one on your page or on another page, let us know what you think. This test will take place for a limited time only, and you will be paid for all ad clicks that occur as part of this test.”

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