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How not to launch a blog network

How not to launch a blog network

Duncan Riley> Fresh off the wire this morning is an announcement from a company by the name of LLC., who has announced a new network of blogs under the banner.

The network includes 8 blogs on a variety of subjects.

The problem: they just don’t get blogs.

The blogs are remarkable for a lack of editor or contributors, they are essentially anonymously written. No contact details are provided nor background on the company or people involved with the blogs.

The layout is simply awful. The right columns that consist of advertising and navigation are larger than the content area itself. URL’s provided to outside stories are often not linked and run under the right columns and even off the page (ie not text wrapped). The general look of the blogs is bland and the headers look like they’ve been done by an 8 year old.

Some of the blogs on the network, at the time of writing, even lacked posts!

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The whole point of blogging is the development of a relationship between author and reader. A company providing anonymous, third rate content in badly designed blogs in an attempt to exploit the growth in blogging shouldn’t be in the blogging game, full stop.

Perhaps the anonymous people behind BlogWhat and LLC. might read this post and change there ways, or maybe not. We’d contact them, but strangely enough we couldn’t find proper contact details and was down, presuming it was ever up to start with.

If your thinking of launching a blog network, note this case in your “Not to do” list.

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