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How the Restaurant Industry Can Take Advantage of Blogging (And Why It?s Not Yet Happening)

How the Restaurant Industry Can Take Advantage of Blogging (And Why It?s Not Yet Happening)

It is no secret that creating a website for your restaurant is crucial. More and more consumers are turning to the Internet to find information on a place to eat, and so most restaurant websites include pictures of the restaurant and the food, hours and location, contact information including links to social networking accounts, and of course the menu. However, there is one aspect of a company website that the restaurant industry seems to be missing: a blog.

Many individuals have started blogs about the food industry, and the vast majority of companies have some sort of blog on their company website, yet most restaurant websites skip this step. With blogging becoming a more and more popular choice for readers, restaurants should be asking: Why aren?t we getting involved?

Tips and Tricks to Blogging Successfully in the Restaurant Industry

One of the biggest reasons restaurants probably ignore the blogging phenomenon is because they don?t understand how it can help their business. Although consumers might be initially going to a restaurant?s website for the menu, a blog is a great feature. Below are a few different ways that you can successfully utilize a blog on your website:

  • Education ? Use your blog to teach your audience about aspects of either the restaurant industry or your restaurant specifically, as well as topics related to your genre of food. Give advice on what you do so that other restaurant owners and future customers can see you as an industry leader.
  • Opinion/Newsletter ? Use a blog to give your opinions on different menu items or different things going on in your restaurant. If you?re having an event, write a blog post that describes the event and why people should attend.
  • Guest Blogging ? Guest blogging (having someone outside your company submit articles to your blog) is becoming more and more popular as a way to earn backlinks and share information. Take advantage of this and ask your customers to send in guest blog posts that relate to your blog. People will be excited to recommend your website and your networking will only improve.
  • SEO ? A blog will ensure that your website has a lot of content. This makes for easier search engine optimization (SEO), or helping your restaurant show up at the top of a Google search engine results page.

The greatest thing about starting a blog is the idea that you don?t have to add content everyday. A blog is simply another way for visitors to connect with your company and learn more about your industry and restaurant. Even if you only update the blog once or twice per month you can still earn the benefits of a blog.

Does your restaurant have a blog on its website? Have you found that the blog has been successful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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