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How To Track Your Brand With Social Media

How To Track Your Brand With Social Media

The use of the social media to promote products on the internet has gained a lot of popularity. There is need therefore to know how well the product is doing among others in the internet. There is normally a need to be able to know of the different sentiments that people are sharing  about the product. In the past, people would only read about the content of your product and then they would navigate elsewhere. But now things have changed and now after readers can take some good measureable actions to be able to track of the audience of those reading about the brand. This is made possible by the use of the right tools for the task. The different social medias present normally have different methods of keeping track of the products. The keeping track of the product will guide in the other decisions which needs to be implemented about the product. The management is also assisted in knowing which social media is getting  a bigger capture of the targeted clients.

On Digg, the only way of keeping track of their  products by hearing a lot of news about them.  The website would register tens of thousands who visited it but never again to have them return.  But this has changed  and now Diggs offers a widget that can keep track of all the most read stories about your  product on the site.

On Facebook, there is the benefit of using the like options which can be installed on ones stories in order to keep track of products. This has been the most used feature of facebook which has been used to track the products.  When we move the attention to twitter, there is normally no chance of indexing the old tweets. There is however a popular link that is used to offer a detailed statistics about the  number of click through of the links.

Google analytics can easily help to keep track of the domain  by enabling one to know which media sites are taking keen interest on their  products.  But sometimes there will be the possibilities of having to go through a lot of feed backs some of which could be irrelevant. In order to know the genuine followers of your products, one can make good use of the sentimental analysis. These are able to measure the emotion of each and every tweet, posting, comment or any feed back left behind about a product.

There are other ways of keeping track of how the product is doing on the social media by employing some company which have specialized on keeping track. An example is the scoutlabs which normally offers the service at a fee.

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