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I’ll Show you Mine if You Show me Yours (WP Plugins)

I’ll Show you Mine if You Show me Yours (WP Plugins)

Darren’s started his very own meme (well its looks and smells like a meme, if you like these sorts of Web 2.0 words) and its on a really good topic: what WordPress plugins do you use (presuming you use WordPress). So rather than just post a comment there I’ll share my list here at The Blog Herald. I’d note to most of these plugins (but not all) are also standard installs for most of the b5media blogs as well.

Ultimate Tag Warrior: because if you’ve got to do Technorati tags you want to use the best a blog can get :-)

Paged Comment Editing and Enhanced Post List: memo to Matt Mullenweg, include these is WP 2.0, they make the management side of WordPress that much more easier.

IImage Browser: a must have if you include pictures in your posts

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