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In Order to Blog, You Must Have a Computer

In Order to Blog, You Must Have a Computer

It’s been a few days since I was able to put anything meaningful on the net. I often have opportunity at work to write quick entries here or there, keep content flowing smoothly, respond to readers comments etc. During a good week, I even have a chance to read other blogs. ;) Mostly, I blog at home though.

On Sunday afternoon, during the hurricane that wasn’t, I was calmly sitting at my desk creating an entry for That Damn PC. At the time, there was no storm a’dumping, but it was dark and ominous – as it has been for 3 days now. Then it happened.

The lights flickered and my computer screen went dark. Muttering ugly words under my breath. I swapped around some cables in my power supply until I was able to get the system to boot. Knowing that some time would pass before the system would load completely, I walked away and came back 5 minutes later to see my system hung on the boot screen before Windows loaded.

Cursing some more, I fiddled awhile, rebooted several more times until the system loaded. About 20 minutes later, the system froze again, this time in Windows. I believe I may have damaged the a) power supply, b) the motherboard or c) the memory. Or a combination of any of these. Like a bad tech, I have no spare parts and not a lot of disposable income to go buy parts.

All this to say, the system seems to be running okay now. It takes 20 minutes to POST but once it does, I seem to be okay. As I’ve been drowning at work, and don’t have reliable computing at home, my blogging everywhere has been light.

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So the first step to blogging successfully is to have a working computer.

Secondly, because Blog Herald readers deserve entries that are related to blogging (sic), Dave Krug emailed me a link to TicTap contextual ads and was raving about them like a lunatic. Dave is a lunatic so that sort of fits. I can’t vouch for the program but would welcome feedback from users who do user it.

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