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Intel uses blog to market laptops – the story

Intel uses blog to market laptops – the story

I hear a tiny little bell ringing in the back of my head, and it’€™s not the usual crazy voices that do this. No, I think it’€™s some kind of reminder that I’€™ve heard about the Intel Centrino Duo Blogger Challenge before, but apparently haven’€™t taken any real note of it.

The challenge appeared in the feed reader this morning, via A-lister Robert Scoble, who is one of the mystery bloggers that has been hired for the challenge. And by hired I mean given a laptop, that Robert doesn’€™t intend to keep, probably fearing Payperpost-like reactions from his readers.

Seven bloggers blog about blogging, using these laptops I gather, as a promotional drive for Intel Centrino powered laptops. While it’€™s nice to see that Intel spins the blogosphere a bit, I still feel it’€™s a rather lame attempt in the end. I mean, take a look at the blog ‘€“ it basically looks like shit and the good folks at Intel should have settled for a theme hack rather than this non-professional thing. Don’€™t get me wrong, although I like good design I realize that taste is something personal, but there are so many mistakes in this thing that I can hardly believe a big company like Intel is responsible. Take a look at the boxes on the site, how about using some space to make them look good? And why is there floating borders here and there? I can tell you; because they have done a poor job with their theme.


‘€œHey guys, I have the best marketing idea now that we’€™ve spent all our money on bonuses!’€? the Intel sales rep said in the boardroom, being rewarded with beaming faces.

‘€œTell us!’€? they all cheered in unison, and mentally bought another car, mistress, piece of I’€™m sorry I hurt you jewelry, or whatever they needed to make their luxury existence a bit more diamond trimmed.

‘€œWe’€™ll do a blog, they are all the craze! I read about them in the Post!’€?

‘€œA blog you say? I don’€™t know how to blog? Do you?’€? someone piped in from the back of the room. Faces went a bit glum at that.

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‘€œDon’€™t worry! Bloggers don’€™t make any money I’€™m told, so we’€™ll just give ‘€˜em a laptop for it. And domains are cheap at Godaddy, says my kid anyway. He’€™ll set it up if we give him a laptop too!’€? the sales rep said, very pleased with himself.

A loud cheer echoed in the boardroom and it was settled. This was to be a marketing stunt for the history books, indeed!

That is, the books that board members keep to see who made the brightest decisions in their world. And that has nothing to do with the world that you and I live in, mind you. Beware of that world, beware indeed.

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