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Intelliseek labelled lame over claytons blog

Intelliseek labelled lame over claytons blog

Intelliseek’s Blogpulse, which provides a tracking service and other blog tool has been labelled “lame” over the use of a claytons blog located on its main page.

BL Ochman writes that “there are some interesting posts, but no trackbacks, permalinks or comments. And those are all things that make a blog different from a website…..How could a company that’s about blogs, and that provides a great service, have such a badly designed blog? Lame!”

NickW at Threadwatch goes further: “From a company that monitors blogs, that’s lamer than a lame thing with a bad dose of lameitis”

Both have a point. Its not exactly hard to set up a basic blog. It’s literally the blog your having when your not having a blog!

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