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Intelliseek Launches to Track Trends, Issues, Personalities in Blogosphere

Intelliseek Launches to Track Trends, Issues, Personalities in Blogosphere

Press release> Who’s hot and who’s not? What ideas are some of the Internet’s most prolific authors sharing with the world? Which key issues, phrases, personalities and trends are spilling forth from the keyboards of influential bloggers? knows.
Now available from Intelliseek Inc., BlogPulse(TM) ( ) is a free online search and tracking tool that measures and ranks “buzz” about key issues, people, phrases and links that occur daily in more than a million Internet blogs. Blog is short for “weblog,” a type of self-published diary, journal or daily log that represents one of the fastest growing areas of published content on the Internet. serves as a useful and entertaining research tool for Internet users, consumers, the media, observers, risk and reputation managers, pundits, politicians — anyone interested in tracking issues, personalities, trends and rumors that are circulating on the Internet, often before they hit mainstream media.

And with content updated and ranked daily, can be used by bloggers to determine which blogs attract and generate the most traffic and to gauge interest in their own blogs. Intelliseek developed and launched BlogPulse as an outgrowth of the company’s expertise in locating and analyzing unstructured data and consumer-generated media for marketing and business intelligence.

“BlogPulse is Intelliseek’s contribution toward new sets of tools that identify and measure what’s happening in the public’s mind, society, the marketplace and on the Internet,” says Mahendra Vora, Intelliseek CEO. “Bloggers are a progressive, influential and opinionated group, and their important insights can serve as harbingers of what’s on the minds of the public, consumers, voters — any individual or group that’s active on the Internet.”

The BlogPulse home page offers:
* Links to each day’s key trends, phrases, people and links — updated
* A search engine to find specific information in blogs.
* A showcase search tool that graphically charts and compares key issues,
trends, people and phrases over time.
* A BlogPulse blog that mixes editorial content and trend-mining tools to
provide interesting tidbits to site visitors.

The blogging boom

In the last two years, easy-to-use blogging software and low-cost web- hosting fees have opened up the Internet to hundreds of thousands of blog authors and blog sponsors, ranging from independent individuals to media outlets, organizations to political causes, social observers to quirky personalities. By some estimates, the Internet now hosts several million blogs, and about 11% of Internet users have visited others’ blogs, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

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BlogPulse is built on Intelliseek technologies that specialize in Internet search, machine-learning and natural language processing, and the analysis of the types of unstructured data found in online word-of-mouth behavior, or consumer-generated media. The company’s flagship solution, BrandPulse(TM), locates and analyzes “buzz” in publicly available Internet forums, discussion boards, blogs and web sites.

“With BlogPulse, Intelliseek is creating a powerful new venue for bloggers to be heard,” says Pete Blackshaw, Intelliseek’s chief marketing officer. “Like PlanetFeedback, BlogPulse is another outlet that serves as a listening post for consumers and businesses alike to keep their fingers on the real-time pulse of attitudes, opinions and insights.”

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