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Intelliseek’s BlogPulse 2.0 launched, over 9.3 million blogs tracked

Intelliseek’s BlogPulse 2.0 launched, over 9.3 million blogs tracked

Seemingly sneeking up the rear of the blog tracking pack is Intelliseek, whose BlogPulse 2.0 has just been lauched with the announcement that they are now tracking over 9.3 million blogs ,which puts them ahead of both Technorati and Pubsub.

According to Intelliseek, BlogPulse 2.0 provides faster data retrieval, a six-month index of blog posts and data, a daily count of blog activity and analysis, and the ability to create customised graphs that track themes and issues appearing in the Blogosphere.

“BlogPulse users will love these new features because they make blog data and blog analysis incredibly fast, accessible and easy,” said Sundar Kadayam, Intelliseek’s Chief Technology Officer and manager of the BlogPulse team. “Blogs are increasing in number, influence and reach, and BlogPulse now provides some of the industry’s best analysis of blog issues, topics, trends and personalities.”

“The new BlogPulse searches faster, digs deeper and slices data smarter,” said Pete Blackshaw, Intelliseek’s chief marketing officer. “Intelliseek’s goal is to make data relevant and actionable, and BlogPulse is a powerful showcase of that commitment.”

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Although the service does not seemingly provide a traditional link tracking feature, some of the other tools are quite extraordinary.

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