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Introducing Thord Daniel Hedengren

Introducing Thord Daniel Hedengren

I’m pleased to introduce Thord Daniel Hedengren as a new columnist here at The Blog Herald.

Thord, who lives in Sweden, is a freelance, project starter, web designer, author, and corporate leader.. or so he describes himself. He’s 26 and seems to always be out of time.

Thord’s done some interesting things.. since he was 17 he has coordinated the official Sweden Sega Dreamcast homepage, published a zombie horror pen and paper role playing game (without knowing squat about the game), reinvented his videogames website a dozen times (just for fun), and written a dozen or so unfinished novels that are crowding his digital drawers…

He’s married, has a cat named Cookie, and lives near one of Sweden’s most beautiful national parks.

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You can read more about him at his blog. . TDH. His first piece is starts to monetize, published earlier today.

Welcome Thord!

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