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Is Your Blog Mobile-Ready?

Is Your Blog Mobile-Ready?

Do you use your hand-held gadget and mobile phone plans to research future blog posts? Or, are you more the type who likes to promote your articles on the go? Most bloggers tend to do both.

But is your blog mobile-ready?

With more and more readers accessing blogs via mobile device (we see this when we crunch our stats at Splashpress Media HQ), we also want to know if your blog is mobile-ready. While there are some nifty WordPress plugins out there that make adapting your site a cinch, there are people out there who believe that a mobile version of your blog is unnecessary.

I was chatting with a marketing buddy of mine and she brought up several interesting points that suggested that making your blog mobile-ready is a waste of time. Some of here reasons include: if you simply adapt what you currently have, you tend to lose your branding; you only end up promoting the most recent posts; you’ll be less likely to convert readers into subscribers; and the odds of the reader performing any other action other than reading is slim.

Think about your own mobile reading habits. If you see a post you like on a 4-inch screen, are you likely to sign up for a newsletter? Buy a book? Tell a friend? Likely not. So one can argue that creating a mobile version of your site is actually a bad idea.

Unless of course you are merely looking to rack up page views. But we already know that any blogger worth their salt will be more interested in engaging the audience. And speaking of two-way communication – we want to hear from you…

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So what kind of mobile phone plans do you tend to sign on for? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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