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JibJab Expands

JibJab Expands

Dangerous, funny, hilarious is how I have described the videos from JibJab in the past.. now they’re expanding, according to a post over at Techcrunch:

JibJab is now leveraging their brand to expand beyond a few self-produced parody videos. In April 2006 they launched JokeBox, an area of the site where users can upload their own video, photo, audio or text jokes. Over 15,000 jokes have been upload and are categorized by ‘€œmost popular’€? and other categories. It’€™s one of the better joke libraries that I’€™ve found on the Internet. As an aside, I’€™ve recommended to JibJab that they provide a RSS feed of the most popular jokes, and allow users to set the format for enclosures (iPod, etc.). With the new iTunes subscription feature you can always have the last few video jokes on your iPod.

A combination of JibJab’s hmor along with user contributed video could be a hit…

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