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John Gruber, of Daring Fireball, goes solo

John Gruber, of Daring Fireball, goes solo

John Gruber, the blogger behind Daring Fireball, has left his job with Joyent and begun writing Daring Fireball fulltime:

Two years ago, when I made tentative steps in this direction, it was like I put the idea out there and then poked it with a stick to see what happened. What I’€™m doing now is like jumping out of a plane with this idea as my parachute.


What I’€™ve concluded, though, is that if I want to make a full-time income from Daring Fireball, I need to just do it full-time. I.e. that it’€™s not going to work the other way around ‘€” to wait for the revenue to burgeon and then start putting full-time effort into it.

There’€™s nothing I want to do more than this. But even so, it has been an extraordinarily difficult decision to make, partly because I’€™m so prone to over-thinking that I sometimes have trouble deciding what to have for lunch, but mainly because there exists the very real possibility of failing in an excruciatingly public way.

Gruber is one of the few bloggers whose entire posts I read just about anytime he writes on any subject. He’s also a great MT plugin author.

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As an avowed Mac geek, Gruber’s blog is one of the key blogs to read for all things related to Apple, their computers, their software, and just about any related topics. Daring Fireball also reaches out into many other topics, all of which Gruber handles with class and a great writing style that I only wish I could emulate.

If you’re like to support John’s work at Daring Fireball, visit his memberships page.

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