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Looking beyond AdSense: Azoogle Ads

Looking beyond AdSense: Azoogle Ads

When one is looking to monetize their blogging, most blog publishers tend to head towards programs like Chitika, Google’s Adsense, or newer programs like Text Link Ads. All of these are highly successful programs that can earn a blog a nice income with a little traffic and optimization work.

Many bloggers overlook more traditional programs like Azoogle Ads. Over at Andrew Johnson’s Web Publishing Blog, he writes about his experience with Azoogle:

Until recently I’€™ve been sticking strictly with pay per click advertising programs such as Adsense and YPN. Upon reading a post by Lee at The Forum Fix that Azoogle was raking in over $45,000 a month for him, I was ready to finally try this program out.

After being with the program a month I’€™m still a long way off from earning those five figures. However, the ads have been sitting side by side my Google ads without any negative affect on either clickthrough rank or earnings. In fact, Adsense revenue has increased during this time.

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Azoogle might be worth a shot for your own blog, particularly if you can integrate your offers into your content, or if you have a ezine or newsletter.

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