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Lycos offers live convention blogging

Lycos offers live convention blogging

Press release> Terra Lycos, the global Internet Group, recently launched new mobile blogging features (mo-blogging), allowing its millions of users to update blogs with text and photos from mobile devices like cell phones and PDAs. Demonstrations of Lycos’ moblogging capabilities are now available all this week from the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Boston.

Jamie Riehle, group product manager of Web Publishing for Lycos, is on site this week moblogging live from the DNC. Riehle’s blog, located at, contains photos and short text messages from Bloggers Alley and from the floor of the convention at the Fleet Center in Boston. Riehle is one of only 34 online media members granted press credentials for the DNC, moblogging live on site with a camera phone, digital camera and digital video camera, uploading video and audio to his blog throughout the week.

Other Lycos users have also created a myriad of political blogs on Tripod ( and Angelfire (, the two leading Web publishing sites in the Lycos Network.

In June, Lycos added new moblogging features, as well as new digital media uploading tools, to its award-winning Blog Builder™ tool ( making Lycos Blog Builder one of the most comprehensive and dynamic blogging tools on the Web. Lycos continues its lead among online publishing sites, combining easy-to-use blogging tools with Web hosting, domains and more generous storage space for photos and audio and video clips.

The new Blog Builder features provide the flexibility and versatility that other blog sites do not offer. New Blog Builder Features include:
· Mobile blogging (moblogging) capabilities to update blogs from e-mail, cell phone and PDA’s
· Free Members now have access to all premium features including easy-to-use photo post tool, spell check, community blogs and advanced customization.
· Upload video and audio clips to blogs
· Cut tag features to make it easier to scan long posts
· Open Community Blog features, similar to online clubs
· Metatags for search engine optimization
· New family, fitness and teen-centric templates

Lycos also announced key trends driving consumer adoption of social media like blogs and social networking during the recent BlogOn Conference at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. Lycos survey results of more than 2,000 Tripod and Angelfire members indicated consumers who update Web sites or blog frequently (at least once a day) are more likely to use digital cameras, camera phones and mobile devices. Active Web publishers, including bloggers, are using these devices to create multimedia content like digital photos, video or sound clips, and include them in their Web sites or blogs.

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Selected results of the Tripod / Angelfire Member survey include:
· 68% own digital cameras and create and store digital photos online
· 24% own digital camcorders, 24% store digital video content online
· 24.8% own web enabled cell phones
· 34% use wireless devices to post content onto their websites or blogs

About Terra Lycos
Terra Lycos is a global Internet group, with a presence in 40 countries in 19 languages. The group, which resulted from Terra Networks, S.A’s acquisition of Lycos, Inc. in October of 2000, operates some of the most widely visited Web sites in the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America, and is the largest access provider in Spain and Latin America. Terra Lycos’ network of Web sites includes Terra in 18 countries, Lycos in 22 countries,,,,,,,,, Lycos Zone,,,,,,, and Wired News (, among others. Terra Lycos, with headquarters in Barcelona and operating centers in Madrid and Boston, as well as elsewhere, is listed on the Madrid stock exchange (ticker: TRR) and on the NASDAQ electronic market (ticker: TRLY).

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