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Memo to Jon Friedman: we don’t trust you either

Memo to Jon Friedman: we don’t trust you either

Duncan Riley> Jon Friedman, Media Editor with CBS Marketwatch, has fired another salvo in the war on blogging with an article stating that bloggers frighten him and that “I haven’t reached the point where I can completely trust them to be accurate or comprehensive or analytical or, especially, fair. Sometimes, I’m not even sure if they worry about such conventions of journalism”.

Memo to Jon Friedman: many bloggers have reached the point where we cannot trust old media/ mainstream media to be accurate or comprehensive or analytical, and most off all: fair. We’ve been wondering for years whether the conventions of journalism a merely a 20th century myth created to lift journalists off the bottom of the most disliked professions list.

Friedman, guilty of the perverse generalisations that are regular features of attacks on the blogosphere, writes of all bloggers as a collective whilst occasionally trying to mask his apparent dislike of blogging with notes that some bloggers have gained credibility and an audience. Like most of his CBS brethren, he pines over Dan Rather by claiming that Rathergate made the blogosphere, and gives credit to CNN for starting a decentralisation of news, of which blogging is apparently a result of.

And like his fellow combat soldiers opposing blogging, he refers to his Freudian theories of longing for a mother figure: “Still, bloggers might need the infrastructure that a traditional news operation thrives on. Newspapers and magazines have long had teams of news editors, copy editors and proofreaders to catch mistakes and make sure a writer is capturing an appropriate tone.”.

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Once again, because he needs his mothers hand to cross the road, so do bloggers if they are to be as famous and well respected as, well…old media.

Another name for the list :-)

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