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Michelle Malkin launches Hot Air

Michelle Malkin launches Hot Air

Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin announced the launch of Hot Air, a videoblogging news broadcast site:

I’m excited to introduce you today to Hot Air–a conservative Internet broadcast network I founded with a team of multi-talented bloggers.

Internet video is booming. Apple’€™s iTunes store has sold a gazillion videos since its debut. YouTube gets more traffic than the New York Times web site. And politically-oriented web video is on the rise…

Initially, Hot Air will consist of a few relatively well-known conservative bloggers posting both on a text-only group blog as well as the flash powered videoblog segments. Initial traffic appears to be strong, with several comments and trackbacks on the posts.

Will videoblogging be successful?

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Clearly, videoblogging has worked well for sites like Rocketboom. The challenge will be to see if Malkin and crew can pull this off or not. Videoblogging requires a far different style than blogging the old-school way.. scripting, voice quality, and a sharp editor are just a few of the things that will come into play as they reach for success with Hot Air.

Malkin, however, does have a certain allure about her that may make this a successful medium for her and her partners. The current featured clip on the site seems to come off relatively well for the site being new.. it will be fun to watch how this evolves over the next few months…

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