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Microsoft in trouble with Spaces name

Microsoft in trouble with Spaces name

Microsoft may be facing a threat to its use of the name “Spaces” for its blogging service, if Detroit Free Press reports are correct and Tor Hough, of Rochester based firm Edict, which has being selling a CMS – come – blogging tool called “Spaces” for the last couple of years, can find funding for legal action.

The report states that Hough wonders why Microsoft chose the name his company uses.

“The day after Microsoft announced its Spaces, we started hearing from our customers asking us what happened, had we sold out to Microsoft?” Hough said. “I thought the first call was a joke. But when I looked and found Microsoft’s service, I was stunned.”

Negotiations with a number of venture capitalists have stalled over the name dispute.

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Hough has reportedly written letters to Microsoft officials and legal advisers but hasn’t received a response.

“Microsoft has very, very deep pockets,” he said. “The last thing we want to do is end up in court over this. But this is our name. We carefully researched it two years ago, and we’ve been building our name and reputation with it.” said Hough.

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