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Moreover announces ‘first’ in weblog search

Moreover announces ‘first’ in weblog search

Netimperative> Moreover Technologies has launched a weblog search tool specifically developed for businesses, which it claims to be a world first.

The company said it has selected more than 25,000 ‘business critical weblogs’ that the search tool will scan for information, allowing corporate users to quickly access the “high value news, commentary and consumer opinion that resides within blogs”.

Moreover’s team rated the blogs to determine their quality, so users can instantly gauge the importance of the featured content. The company considered reliability, integrity and calibre of the blog, before assigning a ranking.

The individual content featured can provide businesses with “valuable insight into perceptions of their business”, said Moreover. There are now more than three million active bloggers in the US alone.

Moreover will make the blog search tool available as a pre-configured subject feed, with relevant information channelled to the user just as soon as it appears on the web, or, as a constantly updated XML database.

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Moreover CEO, Jim Pitkow, said: “Weblogs highlight the news that matters as well as providing instantaneous commentary and opinions on a wide variety of topics and events.

“Moreover’s blog search ensures that businesses are staying on top of what is being written about them, their competitors and their customers wherever it appears on the web.”

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