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Movable Type 3.16 released

Movable Type 3.16 released

SixApart has released the latest version of its DIY Blogware Movable Type.

Movable Type 3.16 includes improvements to application security and over one hundred other bug fixes, including
– fixes to problems with email notifications for entries and moderated comments which were broken for some users in the last release
– Fixes to several bugs affecting customers running Movable Type on Windows servers including a plugin API bug that caused broken links to plugin configuration screens
– Fixes to a bug with AltTemplatePath that now lets users easily and completely customize your MT administrative interface
– numerous bug fixes with the posting interface including QuickPost and hierarchical display of categories
– Better error checking and data validation throughout the program leading to fewer dead-ends and cryptic error messages
– Fixes to several issues with dynamic publishing
– Also Included is a new version of the ‘nofollow’ plugin

(via Problogger)

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