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MSNBC takes the lead on Technorati’s Top 100

MSNBC takes the lead on Technorati’s Top 100

Bloggers Blog reports that MSNBC, a news site, mind you, not a blog.. has taken the lead on Technorati’s Top 100.

This is just one report of screwy behavior from Technorati’s Top 100 that we’ve seen reported this weekend.

Publishing 2.0 carries an indepth report with some interesting discoveries:

First, Dave Winer is gone. That’€™s right ‘€” Scripting News is no longer a top 100 blog.

So what knocked him off? Personal blogs by young Asian women, most of them on MSN Spaces

Publishing 2.0 points out that many Asian blogs are now in the Top 100, displacing some blogs like Winer’s for the first time.

And, of course, Those Bastards is rejoicing in the fact that Dave Winer’s Scripting News is no longer in the Top 100:

I’m sure Dave’s on the phone right now screaming at David Sifry demanding they fake the numbers to get him back on. Now if Technorati could stop fucking with my last updated date, David would avoid being a Bastard of the Blog.

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What’s all of this mean?

A couple things.. First, undoubtedly some of these results are legitimate. As Technorati becomes more adept at indexing and tracking blogs from MySpace and MSN Spaces, and other similar services, I expect to see new blogs in the Top 100. At the same time, Asian bloggers will continue to grow in number and begin to move even higher in the rankings.

This also points out that Technorati continues to have issues around capacity and technology. MSNBC isn’t a blog – it’s a news website – and clearly isn’t the #1 blog in the world. A good look at our own blog results show many links supposedly from the last few hours, but in reality are from mid-late 2005.

Technorati is a wonderful tool – I expect that Sifry and his team will continue to iron out issues and stabilize its data.

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